All our online payment are handled using the Viva Wallet payment gateway. All credit and debit card details are not stored in any way on our systems. Viva Wallet is a trusted and PCI compliant company registered in the EU. For more information about how Viva Wallet handles your card details please visit the Viva Wallet website’s Security & Technology section.


  1. We will take all reasonable care to ensure that the details displayed for an item offered for sale are correct at the time when the information was entered into the system.
  2. We may not be able to accept your order due to one or more of the following reasons, or for a reason not listed below:
    i) The item you have ordered is out of stock
    ii) We cannot authorise your payment or have reasonable grounds to suspect your payment may be fraudulent
    iii) There has been a pricing or product description error
    iv) There is a system or procurement failure
  3. When you place an order you will receive an email confirming the details of your order. This email is not confirmation that your order has been accepted.
  4. Your order will only be accepted by us once your goods have been dispatched.