When an extract is taken from the hemp plant, usually by use of CO2, you’re using all of the earthy, gooey, goodness of the plant as nature intended. In addition to CBD, hemp extract includes other beneficial compounds such as CBD & CBG, which work in symphony to provide you’re with all the goodness you need.

With oil products, the CBD is extracted and isolated from the rest of those other compounds. Whereas, hemp extract is the magical blend of compounds, as outlined above.


Unlike digesting CBD, taking a drop of  oil under the tongue (sublingual), is a fast and effective way to feel the benefits of CBD. It bypasses the digestive tract and retains its original potency.

When taking your dose under the tongue, the CBD gets absorbed by the mucous membrane and it’s close to the brain which has many cannabinoid receptors. Much of this comes down to how CBD works in our bodies. Cannabinoids operate on our endocannabinoid system, comprising of a variety of receptors found throughout the body.

Quick, convenient and easy to mange your daily dosage of cannabinoids as part of your health and well-being routine. Talk to us in-store or online to find out more about CBD extracts and what extra equipment may be required.  All our oils come with pipettes.


Check out our range of CBD Oils available in store and online. We think you have an idea of the power of hemp extracts by now. The best thing you can do is given them a try. Our team can advise you of any questions and if it is the right CBD product for you from Kanalife.