Lab reports are one of the most important aspects of this industry. They prove to us and to our end customers that the amount of CBD we are selling is indeed in the products we sell. With not enough regulation in the industry and seeing many sub-standard products on the market, we decided it was time to open Kanalife and make sure these standards are being met to the public.

Unfortunately whenever a new industry rises the law doesn’t always manage to keep up at the same pace the industry grows. When this scenario happens then you need to be able to know what to look out for and who to trust.

Beware of goods made in China

We have had a lot of customers come through our doors that talk to us about CBD Oils. Many of who decide to bring their old bottles in with them so that we can see what they were taking and see if we can match the strength or give them something stronger as the old bottle didn’t do much for them.

It’s been alarming to see so many people have been buying what they though was CBD but was actually Hemp oil.

Here is an example of some Hemp Oil thats easily available to buy from AliExpress(China):

As you can tell with this example that these look exactly like CBD Oils. Heck, it even says it on the front of the bottle and 2000mg!

Check the ingredients though, no CBD stated at all there. A 10ml bottle (if CDB) at 2000mg is worth around £75 RRP. I found this bottle for sale on AliExpress for £2.44 and for some people that’s just too good an opportunity to miss out on for making money.

Amazon & eBay

You are currently not allowed to sell CBD products on either Amazon or eBay. The products you’re seeing on there are most likely to be the above Hemp Oil and that is how they have managed to be listed on the sites.

Any Questions?

If you have any question about CBD, Hemp or want to look at a lab report relating to a product we sell then please get in touch with us and we would be happy to accommodate you.