Thanks to CBD, we are living in the “marijuanaissance”.

Welcome to Kanalife a health and lifestyle brand running from our shop based in Taunton, Somerset. CBD is now a bona fide wellness, health and beauty ingredient. A true life-style product that won’t be going away.

We’re over the moon to be able to set up our dream CBD shop in Taunton and online. We promise to make the effort when talking to every customer who enquires with us, to match their unique purpose or requirements. Wellbeing is NOT an avenue of life to overlook.

We’ve been scouring the planet looking for the finest quality CDB products that we can find. From CBD drops and tinctures, to beauty products and even clothing and accessories; We simply won’t compromise on quality!

Our aim is to assist in the health and wellness sector as ethically and authentically as possible. If you feel you would benefit from trying CBD, especially combined with other natural remedies such as turmeric, mint and raspberry, our in-house team can discreetly advise you.

Today, CBD is one the most sought-after plants on the PLANET. A super plant, rich with botanical benefits, supported by scientific research and the on-going demand of how one of the 100’s of cannabinoids found in cannabis CBD, to be specific, now boasts widespread belief in its medicinal value.

Our brand-new little shop, with a BIG passion is ready for you.